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We know that some of the best ideas are born when we get together, tell stories, join in on meaningful conversation and share food together. Therefore, we’re hosting a series of monthly supper clubs to discover new ideas, launch conversations that matter, and preserve knowledge. We invite you to join our community of the world’s greatest minds with our series of virtual and interactive gatherings.


Celebrating Hanukah's Culinary Traditions

Saturday 12th December, 17:00-18:30 GMT
£15 per screen

Sudi Pigott, renowned food writer and restaurant critic, and David Mendes, leading pastry chef, will be taking you through a culinary journey for Hanukah, the Festival of Lights, that starts on December 10th and lasts eight days.

The deeper message beyond the brightly burning flames of the menorah candles is more relevant than ever this year, in essence it is about keeping hope through testing times.

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