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The insider inspiration on how to be a food writer and what culinary adventures such a life can offer

Sudi Pigott
An engaging and interactive workshop on Sudi's recipe for good food writing. How to translate your food experiences and recipes into inspiring copy that creates a real connection with readers. The best food writing feeds the mind as well as the appetite, stirs up emotions and memories and takes us to places we have never visited. It can provide a new way of looking at and appreciating foods both familiar and unexplored besides make us hungry for more.

What you'll learn

An interactive workshop on how to be a tantalising food writer (including a writing challenge and a tip sheet to keep). We look at what opportunities, and pleasures food writing can bring besides how empowering it can be to feed one’s creativity and mental clarity. As well as all the practical tools needed to find and express your food voice, Sudi gives an insider’s view of the appetite-whetting, often glamorous life she’s had the privilege to lead mixing with the top echelons of gastronomy as a successful, international food writer. She is equally honest about the day-to-day reality and challenges of thorough research, the importance of always being in the vanguard and taking a tangential approach, pitching, networking and using social media effectively and as a source of knowledge and nurture Sudi workshop is for those wanting to become a fully-fledged food writer or add more flavour and nuance to their food blogging, instagramming, content writing or food/hospitality business. It shows how to create meaningful connections both with readers and the food world at large.

The best food writing feeds the mind as well as the appetite, stirs up emotions and memories and takes us to places we have never physically visited (more important than ever right now) besides simply showing us different ways of looking at and appreciating world cuisine.

Sudi will look at:

  • What it takes to be an engaging food writer
  • The different genres of food writing
  • What opportunities exist and how to seize them
  • The practicalities of coming up with ideas, effective research, who to pitch to and how, structuring a feature
  • How the future is looking for food writing in an ever more diverse, digital, yet presently predominantly virtual, world

Sudi Pigott is a vastly experienced food writer who has interviewed most of the world's leading chefs and written for publications worldwide from FT and Daily Mail to TIME Magazine. Sudi prides herself on having a distinctive voice and a keen hunch for a good pitch. She's the author of "How to be a Better Foodie" & "Flipping Good: pancakes around the world". Sudi has been running food writing workshops for over a year. One of her past students now works at Sky News and another has a huge food book deal.  Sudi also runs virtual food and drink quizzes. After more than 25 years as a food writer, Sudi still loves her profession, thrives on new food experiences whether picking saffron on her knees in La Mancha or testing zoom supper clubs. Unabashedly, Sudi describes herself as discerningly greedy and warmly extroverted.

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Sudi Pigott

Sudi Pigott is a vastly experienced, highly opinionated and exuberantly enthusiastic food writer and restaurant critic who is passionately obsessed with the “discriminatingly greedy” pleasures of good eating and has carved a distinctive niche as a food-trend spotter. She was the first UK journalist to write about both Rene Redzepi of Noma and Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana.

Sudi’s culinary antennae are invariably on full alert whether writing about food trends; the best and rarest ingredients; artisan producers; specialist shops; chefs and restaurants and how they are adjusting to the current most challenging of times for hospitality. Sudi has explored gastro-destinations from La Mancha to join a saffron harvest to tapping for maple syrup in Quebec and also enjoys delving into culinary history.

The author of “How to be a Better Foodie: the little bulging book for the truly epicurious” and “Flipping Good: pancakes around the world”, Sudi writes for a wide variety of publications including Daily Mail, The Times, The i paper, Amex Magazines, Platinum, Spectator Life, Culture Whisper and Fine Dining Lovers.

Sudi also works as a consultant on food trends and runs public and bespoke corporate food quizzes on zoom. At home, she is a boldly adventurous cook who relishes entertaining.

What to bring

An open mind, a pen and paper and, if you have time, a short piece you've written about one of the most memorable food experiences you've enjoyed!

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