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Craft Beer Tasting with Cannibal Craft

Cannibal Craft
Craft beer tasting like no other. Get the beers delivered to your door and get the best in the business to walk you through a range of specially-selected craft pale ales and IPAs!

What you'll learn

Cannibal Craft will walk you through a range of specially-selected craft pale ales and IPAs, which will be sent out ahead of the tasting (beers included in the price).

You'll learn about different styles of the popular, modern craft beers - focussing on heavily hopped pale beers as Cannibal Craft talk you through their tasting wheel and a bit of background to each beer and the brewery. Whether you're new to beer, think you don't enjoy it (after having had a pint of Foster's a few years ago), or are a craft-beer-sipping-hipster, there'll be something to enjoy and learn for everyone sharing a few of the UK's finest beers with the Cannibals.

Life's too short to drink bad beer, and find out why (always drink responsibly).

Please note that if you are based in the UK this class is strictly 18+. If you are based outside of the UK, you must be over the minimum age of your country's drinking age. You may be asked to present ID before the class.

N.B. we only ship to the EU.

We'd love you to join in and participate but you're also welcome to just sit back, relax and watch the fun!
All prices are reflected in £GBP, however, we welcome guests from across the globe. Your total amount will be converted into your local currency at checkout.
The ticket price reflects one device/screen/login. For additional devices/screens or logins, you must purchase additional tickets.
You'll be provided your Zoom link upon booking, no later than 72 hours before the start of your class.


Cannibal Craft

Rodger and Greg, founders of the popular beer store Cannibal Craft have a lifelong passion for craft beer. They focus on sourcing and selling the tastiest and most interesting beers from UK-based independent micro-breweries. They work with top breweries across the UK alongside lesser known breweries - focussing on the popular modern pale ales and IPAs with big, bold hoppy flavours. They're on a mission to bring this world of beer to anyone who will share a beer with them, and entertain stories about hops, malts, and Anne (60) from The Godstone Brewers who can down a pint in under 8 seconds...

What to bring

All craft beers needed for the tasting will be sent to you ahead of this class. So, come with just a glass and a healthy thirst!

N.B. we only ship to the EU.

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