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Where to buy cheese in London

Our resident fromager and expert cheesemonger, Morgan Rock, shares with us her favourite places to buy cheese across London in her new blog series.

There is obviously no shortage of quality cheesemongers in London - even Waitrose and M&S are reliable sources, but I do have some favourites. One of my top ways to explore this amazing city is by letting the cheese guild my adventure. As I discover more cheese makers and shops in the city, new neighbourhoods and corners of the city come with it. My series of blog posts will be a guide to take you into the magical labyrinth that is London - with one mission: to discover some tasty coagulated milk.

A couple of tips to begin...

  1. Bring a cooler bag...or end your adventure at the cheese shop. There are many days where I end up in a cool new borough, find myself discovering a restaurant or wine bar and then have some stress-induced panic that the cheese I just bought will spoil in my carrier bag. It definitely dampens the experience. So be prepared.
  2. Take notes to start a cheese journal. A cute notebook is always romantic, but notes on your phone or a quick Instagram post is probably more practical. I love memories - it’s so easy to get caught up in the magic of London and forget where you are. If you ever want to return to a quirky pub or enchanting street it’s good to have some reference points. A cheese journal is my favourite way to keep track. Not only can you note the cheese that you had and where you ate/bought it, but also who you enjoyed it with. It’s a great way to reminisce later.

Now for this week's cheese supplier. Naturally my first suggestion will be my friends Amy and Emily. I met 'the real cheese wives' while working the over the Holiday season at Paxton & Whitfield on Jermyn Street. Just married and ready to start a big cheese business, I admired the wives with their confidence and ambition. These cheesemongers really know their stuff. They are discovering the modern dairies that make unpasteurised farmstead cheeses and are bringing them to London. The importance of agriculture and the slow food movement is something we can easily, and should, take part in. 

I returned back to the UK from Canada after lockdown, and the girls had started their own mobile cheese shop and delivery service. They set up farmers markets all over the city and then bring their carefully selected collection of UK-made cheeses to sell. Cut to order and always in the best condition. It is so important to have a cheesemonger is experienced and will only serve the best. Emily and Amy were a crucial part of the cheese shop when I was working at Paxton & Whitfield and they have taken all that experience to become successful entrepreneurs - most people's dream!

I found them at Maltby Street Market one weekend. Just a little wander from Borough Market and you can find this culinary hub with food vendors, produce and even natural wine. Definitely worth spending a weekend afternoon tasting some authentic dishes and buying some groceries for the week from local suppliers. They need the support now more than ever.

Recommended cheeses available through the cheese wives:

Hard: Westcombe Cheddar, Lincolnshire Poacher, Caerphilly

Blue : Stilton, Perl Las, Beauvale

Soft : Baron Bigod, Waterloo, Tunworth, Maida Vale 

Goat: Sinodun Hill, Brightwell Ash, Eve

Sheep : Wigmore, Spenwood 

You can find the cheeses online here.

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