Knowledge Recycled was created to preserve,
recycle and share knowledge.

We're a global community bringing people together who are passionate about sharing knowledge and learning from each other.

Our wide range of experts offer live and engaging virtual classrooms so you can connect and learn from them first-hand. Chat, ask questions, and discover insider tips that you can't find anywhere else.

We believe that you learn best when engaged and having fun so we've made sure that every Knowledge Recycled class is a unique experience suitable for individuals, groups, couples, get-togethers and corporate events. All classes have a limited number of spots to ensure that you get the mentorship you need. We also offer private classes anywhere from personal tuition to bespoke birthday parties.

After seeing her father retire, our founder Julia realised there was so much expert knowledge in the world that was never passed on.

Growing tired of online learning that was pre-recorded and lonely, she set out to create a community that placed emphasis on togetherness, being interactive and learning from experts directly.

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