Learn from top experts, live.

Unique online classes taught by the world's leading experts.
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Learn from top experts, live.

Interactive online classes taught by the world's leading experts.
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From happy hour to date night, alone or in a group, our interactive, live, online classes led by some of the best experts in the world can help you learn new skills, pursue your hobbies and have fun at home.

"The [classes] are fronted by an all-star line-up of those at the top of the food and drink industry."

Discover insider tips you can't find anywhere else

We're a community of world-renowned experts ranging from chefs to mixologists to sommeliers to baristas. Our unique online classes are designed by our accomplished experts to share their extensive expertise and knowledge with you.

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Small groups, huge impact

With never more than 15 people per group, you will have the opportunity to interact with experts directly. Whether you want to take up a new hobby, develop professional skills, or send a gift, we have a wide array of online classes for you to choose from.

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Our experts are some of the best in the UK.
They have crafted classes to share their knowledge with you.

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with our wide array of online classes.

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